Initial sketch models made by Daria, Zacharoula, Harry and Caleb, to define the design of our installation, inspired by the Chinese puzzle-ball and fan. The walls indicate the shape and the layers of the puzzle-ball while the triangular shaped roof indicates the fan. We thought of having splits on the walls so the interior to be lit naturally and create an essence of shadow architecture. The pieces of the roof penetrate the walls and that inspiration came from the way the puzzle-ball is being played.


After a presentation we had in the class and a short conversation with Miss Julie James of salvage materials we came up with the idea of burned salvage wood. Caleb made a card model and started experimenting by burning it to see how would look like.


When we conclude to the design of the installation Harry used his mathematical knowledge to define the exact shape of the structure.


After deciding of including moving walls on our model, Julia started experimenting on mechanism.


This is a more accurate model/sample of moving walls we used for the Green Week’s exhibition.


Images of burned walls and the model for the Green Week.


In the following images we can see the movement of the walls by a sample model, that Harry and Julia made.


Images of our final model.


Images of the site model.



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