Daria’s statement


I started working on the project from doing the research based on the Cuming Museum, I looked at the future plans of the museum as well as how it has functioned before the fire accident; such as what collections the museum offered and how it was founded. I have researched as well about the function of the rest of the building. I have used Internet to complete this part of the project.

By looking through the online catalogue of the museum I picked the Chinese Puzzle Ball. It caught my interest because of many reasons. At the beginning it looked very mysterious and interesting to me, so I decided to deepen my knowledge about the object. I used Internet and the book with the Chinese ornaments to find information about structure, function and meaning etc. The idea of layers I thought would be a great feature which could be used in the designing process the same as the organic shapes. I have found the repetition of the finely crafted details and movement of the layers very inspiring.

After the research part I moved to the design process, I produced several sketches based on the Chinese Puzzle Ball, I experimented with the repetition and rescaling the object.  I looked at the other members’ objects to get more inspiration for further design process. Harry’s Chinese Fan seemed to have a large potential. I focused on the individual panels from which was constructed as well as at the way it was made. In my further sketches I combined both of the objects. We had the several group meetings where we were presenting our design ideas to the group and giving each other the feedback. The meetings have helped us in the process of merging the ideas. By taking on board feedback and ideas, each of us was able to produce more developed designs.

By testing our ideas and making several sketch models we all agreed which one we liked the most, out of all of them. We decided to develop it further more. Zacharoula has suggested the idea of the moving walls inspired by the Chinese fan which was accepted by the rest of the group. For the Green Week we produced three models, Caleb, Zacharoula, Harry and myself produced the prototype model, Julia made a push and pull model and Caleb made charred model.

For the submission I was assigned to work on the blog to make sure it is well organized and each post is fully finished. Zacharoula and I made a site model and research about the materials. I also contributed in the process of making the final model.

I have really enjoyed this project, not only because of the brief we were set in, but also because of the group I had pleasure to work with. Each one of the members of the team is unbelievably talented, very creative and focused on the delivering the best results. As a team we were professional, everybody knew that it is not possible to let each other down because we are trying to reach our common goal.

By working in this group I have definitely gained the knowledge of how important it is to communicate in a group. I have improved my presentation and model making skills and will use this knowledge in my future projects.


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