Zacharoula’s individual statement

My aim in this project was to work in a collaborative, professional and well organised way with my group, in order to achieve the best results and gain knowledge from each other.

As far as the site survey is concerned, my role was to find out how the Cuming Museum is related to the area of Southwark and  how is it engaged with the community of the people who live there, as well as to look on the regulations of the building. I started conducting a research on the Cuming family first, the reason they started to collect objects and how they conclude to have this vast collection, which is originally based on the daily life and the culture of the multinational community of Southwark. As for the regulations, I had to find out what was the use of the building before it was converted into museum. I successfully managed to complete this survey by using the internet resources of  the UK goverment planning portal, English building regulations as well as English heritage.

For the object I have chosen, a wooden bath-clog (Padukas), I forensically examined its origin and looked on the Indian culture, history and religion in order to analise and understand the purpose of its existance. This survey helped me to come up with some ideas for a reception area, which was our first thought, related to my object’s design. Subsequently, I produced more drawings based on the Chinese puzzle-ball and the Chinese fan, in which I found more interest and inspiration to design an installation.

My part in the second stage was to work with Daria, Harry and Caleb on the design of our installation while Julia was trying to find out a mechanism that could help us to show the moving parts of our structure as far as the Green Week is concerned. After the Green Week’s exhibition I started with Daria to work on the site model to present our structure in comparison to the surrounded area. When we finished the site model, we joined the rest members of the group and we worked altogether to finish the final model.  Alongside with the model making, me and Daria did a survey concerned on the materials that could be used for our installation in reality. Moreover, I helped Julia with the final document of our team work. To conclude, I feel happy and satisfied that I had the opportunity to work with such creative and inspiring minds.


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