Personal final design


I Showed my final design to Zacharoula and Daria today. It looks like a donut, its material will be wooden/timber. It has a lot of organized holes on the surface. So at daytime its shadow will be really impressive. People outside can see whats happening inside(maybe there are some sitings and rest area) they will try to get inside. Inaddition by using LED light in each hole, the structure will creates a beautiful view in the night time. (maybe water blue or flaming red XD)


And I talked about my idea of using a water swelling material in the holes.  This material will expend when it touches water (absorb water), so it will stuck the hole when there is enough water comes . Hence the space will be rain proofed.


After seen others ideas. We came up with a component. A fan shape added bits at one side (vertical could be wooden/timber slices, top will be a fan shape roof). There is a hidden door behind the out side “wall” enable people to walk into the space.


(this is just clarify in between the walls, there is a space for people walk)


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