Shadow architecture








I saw quite lot of public arts + other buildings operating with shadows very consciously, I think this is a topic all of us is quite interested in. Shadows are great feature of design, because they are changing without any effort, every day from morning to evening, but they can also be changed by artificial lighting. They not a design tool as materials and objects are, but can still be controlled. Repetition is really important, also not only drop shadows can create interesting patterns, but structures surfaces can be enriched which the play of light-and-shadow.

6219903205_a9e6377771_m 17720080512170607graDSC02861DSC05496dzn_Ateliermob-26flying-arches-michael-cohenHD58eimg_0437intricate_shadow_bigla-sagrada-familia-img_3916p97462021-3ronchamp6Shadow_Pattern.jpg.tifftumblr_ksbly89Hlc1qa44tlo1_500tumblr_mi4je0xaR81qek5p4o1_500


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