Rough sketches of some ideas.




For my very first ideas of the space I took my object and I rescaled it and I drew section to get some more inspirations. Furthermore I looked at the Harry’s object – the Chinese fan and I tried to combine it with the puzzle ball. I concentrated on the geometrical shapes as well as on the repetition of the form.





On the left sketch, how you can tell I took inspiration literally from the Chinese fan. I imagined the instalation as a pathway under the open fans in different heights and sizes.







On the drawing below I combined Chinese puzzle ball with Zacharoula’s object- paduka. At this point I looked at the idea of dark tunnel which would be lit by the natural light coming from the opening cuts on the roof. 3



One thought on “Rough sketches of some ideas.

  1. I think it’s very funny, that you draw labyrinth because I draw a labyrinth yesterday as well, and you made that fan thing suspended on timber posts, I draw this little colourful fan thing as well. It’s not exactly the same, but it’s quite similar.
    And the first few sketches look a bit like Adele’s pan flute. But apart from that this big mess of things and huge structure with things coming out (like the spiky bubbles) it looks a bit like the Frank Ghery pavilion.
    I think the fan is undoubtedly the most interesting object, I would be surprised if it wouldn’t be somehow part of the final design. Also the ball probably. (No offense other objects!) I thought the most interesting pavilions are where you go inside and you can experience something that you would not have expected from the outside (like Peter Zumtor).


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