Installation study

I was trying to create an Installation inspired by the Chinese Puzzle ball. I drew three gigantic rings in order. The first and the third ring would be solid with a small holes to pass through. The second would be just a void ring. People would be able to pass through all of them.

Ivory Puzzle Ball Scan

The second idea is a combination of the Puzzle Ball and the Chinese Fan. The whole space will be an enclosed corridor in crooked shape taken from the shape of the fan. Windows in spherical shape will help the interior to be lit. Inside the space will be huge Puzzle balls, where the people could walk through them.The interior of the balls will consists of big spherical screens projecting the history of the museum.

Scan 1


One thought on “Installation study

  1. The labyrinth looks really fun + playful! The windows would let lights in leaving some interesting shadows in the space. When I read your description first I thought, that inside is going to be like big balls, inside that smaller balls and just hemispheres and these kind of things, I think that would be quite interesting as well!
    I’m looking forward to what everyone is going to do by this evening. 🙂

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