Primary information of the building!

Harry wu


Hello team!

I just got these information of the Cuming Museum today! And also there are some pictures of its original state that you could have a look. In addition, a plan of the original building was also found, which we could start to use.

Thanks for Julia’s help!

Outside Views:

扫描 0  扫描 2 扫描 3 扫描 4


扫描 6 扫描 7 扫描 8 扫描 9

Second floor (meeting room for the borough council):

扫描 10 扫描 11 扫描 12

Letters about the original building:

扫描 13扫描 14 扫描 15 扫描 16 扫描 17 扫描 18

The history of the town hall:

扫描 19 扫描 20

Plans of the southwark town hall:

扫描 21 扫描 22


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