Choosing an object.

I picked three objects, which catch my attention!

ivory ornament

Ornament. before 1902

Material : ivory
Made: China

Nest of 8 concentric ivory balls, one within the other.

Each ball is perforated with circular holes and an intricate pattern which differs by each ball.



Material: wood, string, red felt
Culture: Inuit
Made: Canadasnowshoe

Snow-shoe (model). Red felt covers centre and outer edges of wood. Cuming label ‘Snow-Shoe Canada North America’
Small wooden models were most often used as children’s toys or sold to tourists when Alaskan and Canadian art became popular collector’s items. With the dramatic increase in European exploration to this region, Inuit began making functionless art for the sole purpose of trade.



Shoe; 1800-1900

Size of the artefact: 108 x 55 x 107 mm
Materials: Textiles, wood, leather
Made: China

Bound foot shoes, 1800 – 1850. High arch with a heel and a large piece of cloth at the back. Navy blue with a front section embroidered with gold thread and flowers (symbolising longevity) on a green ground. Blue and green were worn by young women. A pair; C02303 and C02304. Cuming label: Shoes for ladies havinshoeg small feet called by the Chinese “Kim-leen” “Goshoe 2lden lilies.








             I am going to pick an ornament.

The first object at the top of the page, what you think ?





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