Le future

Stages of the restoration works:

first step: external and internal scaffolding to make sure the building doesn’t fall out or inwards
second step: approx. 3 weeks, internal reinforcement, special engineers coming in making sure the site is safe, accessing the damage
after: scaffolding can be party removed after the internal reinforcement is ready
completed today: temporary zink roof above the site joined to the scaffolding
first step: specialists from English Heritage entering, recording, saving and/or transporting the listed bits
meanwhile: temporary roof / final roof fixed in place
second step: approx. 3-4 weeks of drying out the building, excessive water damage
third step: cleaning out, “dusting out” the building, only the shell remains, all internal walls removed
meanwhile: public consultation by council with the borough, stakeholders about the new plans of the building
further in the future: allocating architect, redesing the whole interior, and building works

= from start to end approximetely 4 years

Le future of the Cuming Museum:

exhibitions running off site at temporary spaces
activities, events are running off-site, but there spaces are not big enough for exhibition areas
in progress: council is on allocating a new temporary site for the museum

Information on regulations:

exterior elevation listed on both sides
-› no structure in the front section is allowed, because it covers the view of the listed exterior
to be confirmed by english heritage (Zacharoula)
staircase and other bits listed

Source: telephone interview with Keith Bonnick on behalf of Cumming Museum


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