How does Cumin Museum relate to the area?



Cuming Museum hosts a vast collection of Cuming Family, which is a result of over 100 years of collections by father and son, Richard and Henry Cuming, while presents the story of Southwark from Roman times to diverse communities of today.

 Richard Cuming Kennington         The family of Richard Cuming (1777-1870) moved to 3 Dean’s Row in the Walworth Rd ( approximately where the McDonald’s is now) in 1779 when he was 2 yeas old. Richard started collecting things from sales, neighbors and friends, who made gifts and donations to him.

Henry Syer Cuming      Henry Seyer Cuming (1817-1902), son of Richard Cuming, continued his father work of collecting things from everyday lives of people and especially the people of the Southwark, London.

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In 1902 Henry Sey Cuming left the collection to the people of parish of St Mary Newington, which is now the borough of Southwark. His wish was the collection to be exhibited in a suitable and spacious gallery in connection with the Newington Public library. His desire came true while Cuming Museum situated beside the building of Newington Library.



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