Before it burned down, how did it work?

The Cuming Museum is divided in three sections:

1. Story of Cuming family and their collection.
2. History of Southwark  explores three themes, Settling Here, Visiting Southwark, and World           Connections.
3. Temporary exhibitions – the exhibition change every 4 to 6 months.

Colection higlights:

  • African collection 
  • Ancient Egypt
  • Arctic collection
  • Bears grease pommade pots
  • Chinese personal accessories
  • Costume
  • Cuming Ethnographic collection
  • Cuming Footwear
  • Fakes and forgeries



This autumn and winter the Cuming Museum’s temporary exhibitions will mainly run at InSpire at St Peter’s Church just off Walworth Road . Due to the fire at Walworth Town Hall building on 25 March the Cuming Museum is currently closed, however events and activities continue in alternative venues. At the day of fire accident just 1% of the museum’s collection was on display, the rest is housed in a different building.


Inspire at St Peter’s Church


Coming temporary exhibition: (family workshops)

– A partridge in a pear tree
Saturday 7 December,

– Go crackers
Saturday 14 December

Previous exhibitions in The Cuming Museum:

Carnaval del Pueblo, the Story
October 2009 to May 2010, celebrating the Latin American community’s cultural impact on London. In colaboration with the Carnaval del Pueblo organisation.

( First two; 2oo2)

A Home Away From home, Un Hogar Lejos de Casa
October to December 2002, an exhibition about the Latin American Community in London.
The Lions of the South
June to September 2002, the history of Millwall Football Club.

What was going on, in the rest of the building?

The Cuming Museum was opened in 1906 by Lord Rothschild.  In 2006 the museum moved from the Newington Library building to the adjacent former Walworth Town Hall.  The building served as town hall for the former Metropolitan Borough of Southwark until 1965.

The public area of the museum was based on the ground floor. In the building there is a  museum shop, where sells a range of books and souvenirs including, local history books etc. The museum offers the meeting room, education facilities, library, facilities for private functions and events, toilets for disabled and wheelchair access from the One Stop Shop entrance on Wansey Street.

Parts of the collection were stored in the roof area.


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